Materials Engineer (code SAE 05-01)
* Develop product process & new materials for product applying on manufacturing of sliders, HGA/HSA for magnetic heads; research product material to improve
  performance & durability by using SEM.
* Master or equivalent in Material Science & Engineer, ME or related.

Slider Process Development Engineer (code SAE 05-3)
* Conduct R&D activities in slider fabrication optimization especially in the fields of grinding, lapping and slicing technologies for next generation products.
* Provide expertise in metrology for material characterization, surface analysis, failure analysis using AFM, SEM, EDS, TEM, XPS, XRD, etc..
* Master or equivalent in Material Science & Engineer or equivalent combination of
* experience (3yrs with B.S)

Mechanical Engineer (code SAE 05-02)
* Development of advanced air bearing design for magnetics heads in hard disk
  drives;research/dvlp testing methods to measure head-disk interactions.
* M.S or quivalent in Mechanical Eng., Materials Science & Eng., or related experience.


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