SAE Magnetics (H.K.) Ltd., a wholly owned TDK subsidiary, is one of the world's leading independent manufacturers of magnetic recording heads, head gimbals assemblies (HGA) and head stack assemblies (HSA) for computer disk drivers. SAE also supplies high performance recording heads for video tape recorders.

SAE Magnetics (H.K.) Ltd. was established in October 1980 to meet the increasing demand of magnetic recording heads. In August 1986, SAE joined the TDK Corporation Group, the world's largest and most advanced ferrite manufacturer. Since then, the combination of SAE's technologies in head manufacturing and TDK's expertise in magnetic materials has brought SAE to a leading position in head manufacturing.

SAE continues to provide the best support to customers by developing and producing the best magnetic recording heads, including the advanced magnetoresistive (MR) technologies and the giant MR technologies.